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Products KERA

KERA soil A – Soil for geraniums and balcony flowers

KERA A 20l
This is the type of soil for flowers that need from slightly acidic to neutral soil reaction and provides the optimal level of fertilizers for geraniums and plants demanding many nutrients.

KERA soil B – Soil for houseplants

KERA B 20l
This soil is used for houseplants requiring a medium supply of nutrients.

KERA soil C – Soil for sowing

KERA C 20l
This soil is suitable for sowing and pre-cultivating vegetable and flower seeds. It has a lower content of nutrients and slightly acidic soil reaction.

KERA Universal soil – Soil for wide use

KERA U 20l
This soil is used for growing vegetables, flowers, decorative and other plants. The starting dose of fertilizer is from four to six weeks. It contains organic compost and has small quantities of other materials like Cadmium(Cd1). This is a reason why the soil is recommended for growing vegetables.

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