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Soil for coniferous and ornamental wood

High quality soil suited for growing ornamental wood in gardens and parks.

Superior dark peat with  the addition of compost makes a beautiful, ornamental soil. This soil is suitable for decorating graves, rock gardens, etc.

Soil for grass

This soil is made from a mix of dark and white peat with compost and siliceous sand. It is used for the treatment of top level ground before grass seeding.

Soil for citrus

Special soil suitable for growing citrus plants. This soil is made from peat, compost with modified reaction and enriched by a starting dose of nutrients for growing citrus.

Soil for palms

High quality substrate used for the cultivation of palm trees, green plants and ornamental plants. This substrate consists of a mixture of high-quality peat compost.

Soil for petunias

Soil for petunias and surfinias is made from selected peat with a share of compost. Because of a high proportion of peat, the soil has a lower Ph. It has a starting dose of nutrients that petunias and surfinias need. It also contains iron which contributes to the growth of petunias and surfinias.

Soil for orchids

Soil for growing orchids and other xerophilous plants. Its composition corresponds exactly to the needs of these plants including enough aeration for the root system. The soil is made from peat, compost and claydite.

Soil for rhododendrons

Soil for azaleas and rhododendrons is made from peat and compost enriched with basic nutrients. The lower Ph is suitable for the health of all plants that dislike alkaline soil. It contains organic compost, has small quantities of other materials like Cadmium(Cd1) and is the soil recommended for growing fruits such as blueberries and cranberries.

Soil for geraniums

Pokojove rostliny
Soil for geraniums and other balcony flowers. This is the type of soil for flowers that need from slightly acidic to neutral soil reaction and provides the optimal level of fertilizers for geraniums and plants demanding  many nutrients.

It also contains phosphate glass for better growth.

Universal soil

Soil for wide use. This soil is used for growing  vegetables, flowers, decorative and other plants. The starting dose of fertilizer is from four to six  weeks. It contains organic compost and has small quantities of other materials like Cadmium(Cd1). This is a reason why the soil is recommended for growing vegetables.

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